Parent Testimonials

“I find the therapists at Bassi & Gartner to be extremely knowledgeable and terrific with children. You can tell they are genuinely concerned and involved with the children that they work with. They are always available to talk to me as the parent and give helpful suggestions. Their approaches and techniques have helped my son a great deal. He really enjoys working with them — they make it a lot of fun!” — Daniel’s mom

“You are both so attentive to our child’s needs and it shows in his progress. Our son feels and internalizes all of the encouragement, strategies and support you have given him! We are forever grateful. Thank you.” — Mr. and Mrs. Barbier

“In the short 8 months that our son has been getting speech therapy with Allison, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in his speech ability. Not only is he talking more now, we could sometimes have a decent conversation with him. It’s been an eye-opening experience
having our son work with Bassi & Gartner SLS.” — Alex’s parents

“Corrine has shown a great deal of interest and support with Jordan’s speech development. I do appreciate her suggestions, work that should be reinforced outside of the sessions and her good understanding of speech and language (as well as what to expect in terms of progress).” — Jordan’s mom

“My son enjoys and looks forward to every session with the speech pathologist. Instructions to work with him at home are clear and concise. I have seen significant improvements in my son’s confidence and speech since joining with Bassi & Gartner.” — Bertin’s mom